Vesper Software, LLC was founded in August of 1994 as Easy Access, Incorporated.  Our goal was to provide top quality and leading edge solutions to help grocers increase their profits.  Our first project was a kiosk application to allow customers to print their targeted coupons by scanning their loyalty card at the entrance to the store, before they started to shop.  Next, we were asked to create an Electronic Journal application to extract all the information in the NCR 2127’s Item Data Capture file.  The initial version ran on Unix.  After that, we added a real-time version for Windows (RT/2127) and a batch version for Windows (EJournal).  These applications are in use throughout North America.  Easy Access, Inc. was reorganized and renamed Vesper Software, LLC in August of 2000.  We refined our focus to provide software solutions that fill gaps in existing retail point-of-sale applications.  Our “Gap Technology” focus allows retailers to leverage their current systems, while still being able to add leading edge capabilities to their in-store operations.  In 2003, Vesper Software, LLC provided the specialized user exit which has enabled S&H greenpoints to communicate with the Brown & Cole Stores’ NCR 2127 register systems.

Over the past few years, we have created numerous custom NCR 2127 user exit modules to provide functions such as Cost-Plus, Raffle Coupons, etc.

During our conversations with dealers and store owners across the country, we discovered that there was a huge need for a way to provide support for 14 digit PLUs (2005 Sunrise) and DUKPT on the NCR 2127s.  Because of our extensive work with user exits, we knew that there was a solution, so we created d-PIN+ to provide this functionality.  We then worked with various card processors and PINpad providers in order to certify our solution.


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